Monday, 15 April 2013

Masters of the Universe #6 Digital Comic

Just a short and simple review today.

What can I say about this comic?  Well there isn't much of a story for one thing.  Now wait a second, don't get me wrong or misunderstand me (tho not sure how that is possible because I clearly siad what I meant).  I am not saying that the lack of a story is a bad thing, at least not in this case. 

Actually there is a story, it is just happens to be very a simple one. However,  it does serve the comic well and at least gives us a reason for what makes the comic great to even be happening.

Ok I am getting ahead of myself a bit.

So what is the story?

He-Man is racing towards Castle Grayskull on Battlecat where he discovers the Sorceress doing some kind of spell on a giant magical skull that He-Man had took from Skeletor, something that could doom Eternia if the Sorceress is disturbed.  But then Orko interferes while trying to show off some trick and he causes reality to go out of control.

This just happens to coincide with Skeletor and his minions trying once more to attack the castle.  So of course He-Man rushes out to try and stop them but reality is shifting so fast and so much into different animated styles that basically everybody stops what they are doing to just marvel at the mess going on around them.

Then Orko smashes the skull and everything goes back to normal.

As I said...not much of a plot at all. 

What makes this issue so much fun is seeing the MOTU characters done in different styles.  Things like Muppet MOTU, Calvin and Hobbes MOTU, Childish drawing MOTU and even Spongebob MOTU. 

To sum up

Jeff Parkers story is very simple but it is a lot of fun regardless with some great humor and most importantly it serves the main focus of this issue which is

Chris Cugliotti's art. It is wacky and surreal and just so much fun to look at.  Really you could just ignore the words (and what there is of a story) and just look at the images they are just so well done and really capture the look and feel of the different animations / comics / styles.

3.5 Howling Wolves

Good Fun

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